VAEKST outperforms competition with Pitchbound

Pitchbound enables VAEKST to shorten onboarding, increase project performance and provides a platform to facilitate continous learning and development of sales reps and transparent reporting towards customers.


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Pitchbound enables VAEKST to onboard faster, perform better and be more transparent towards clients! Our sales reps love it.


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Pitchbound drives outbound sales of the highest quality

"Pitchbound enables us to outperform our competition on quality and transparency"

VAEKST is a Nordic outbound sales agency that generates leads and schedules appointments through outreach via phone, email, and LinkedIn. With +70 employees and +100 clients, VAEKST need to onboard fast, ensure high performance, develop sales reps, and ensure transparent reporting towards clients is of paramount importance.

Win prospect conversations with personalised Pitchboards

VAEKST use Pitchbound to generate personalised Pitchboards (pitches) for Phone, Email and LinkedIn. VAEKST can structure pain points, value propositions, cases, and objection handling intuitively in Pitchboards, so it is easier to control conversations and provide winning arguments with prospects. Pitchboards can be tailored for each Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to reduce preparation time before calls and ensure hyper-personalised pitches.

Quality assurance and goal setting for managers

Pitchbound empowers VAEKST managers to quality assure pitch templates and support continuous learning. Managers can swiftly access Pitchboards, share sales playbooks, and set goals for sales reps, fostering development. As teams collaborate on Pitchboards and learning goals, employee satisfaction increases, allowing managers to dedicate more time to coaching.

Transparent client reporting

VAEKST invites clients to Pitchbound, sharing Pitchboards to keep them updated on prospect communication and the latest pitch and playbook versions. This level of transparency and credibility in collaborations leads to longer contract durations.

Accelerate onboarding, save time and increase conversion rates

With Pitchbound, VAEKST accelerates the onboarding of sales reps and clients, ensuring higher performance and pitch quality across projects. Pitchboards promote collaboration among sales reps, enhancing conversations and instilling a greater sense of purpose. Managing a large sales force becomes easier and more cost-effective, while increased transparency contributes to higher customer satisfaction.

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Pitchboard overview in Pitchbound.