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Faster onboarding flows, more collaboration and higher conversion rates. Boost you and your teams' satisfaction.

Here is what our customers say

Amalie Marstrand

Pitchbound is a great tool for enhancing the effectiveness of our outreach and the quality of our pitches. The interface is user-friendly, and it is effortless to use – we especially use it for generating new sales material and track the quality of our pitches.

Peter Kragh

Pitchbound store and organise pitch data so you can keep track of your work and is super helpful for our outbound sales process. Pitchbound is a necessary add-on to our HubSpot CRM.

Helene Nørgaard
Sales & Partnerships

Pitchbound really helps to get an overview of the sales channels, it has made our work with sales much easier and more efficient.

Karla Pitt

We use Pitchbound for sales outreach across all platforms as it is straightforward to use, helps me in organising my pitches and gives me the control in sales calls that I need. I can save new insights and keep track of everything, ensuring that I have consistency in my sales messages – I can highly recommend it to everyone!

Filip Ciepiel

I can do outreach faster, split-test my pitches and save insights which means that I not only book more meetings, I also gather more insights and understand my product-market fit faster. Pitchbound is a game changer the early stages of the sales process!

Jonas Molbech-Kuskner
Hume Agency

I had 6 unusable pages of different pitches in Google Docs before Pitchbound. Pitchbound is a game changer for outreach – My entire pitch is visible, I always have the perfect argument ready, and I can share learnings with my team. We get more sales meetings and we enjoy doing outreach!

Filip Oskar
Associate Partner
Zillion Consulting Group

Pitchbound is easy and intuitive, helping us to secure appointments with major companies. I can’t imagine going back to Word or Excel. Every sales team needs Pitchbound – and at just 19 EUR? Come on.

Mik Lokdam

Pitchbound enables VAEKST to onboard faster, perform better and be more transparent towards clients! Our sales reps love it.