Scale outbound sales the right way

The outbound sales assistant to find leads,
pitch prospects and grow your sales with ease.

Pitchboard overview in Pitchbound.

The business phone for outbound sales

Build intuitive call, email and LinkedIn pitches, call prospects directly and
integrate seamlessly with CRM.

An Ideal Customer Profile generator to build a pitch for outbound sales.
Build personalised Pitchboards

Personalise your call, email and LinkedIn pitches to each of your ICPs by building Pitchboards. Define the prospect’s pain points, match them with your value propositions and be ready to handle any objection!

An outbound sales playbook about sales mindset.
Read sales Playbooks

Read outbound sales playbooks or build your own. Access the best phrases, arguments and templates, incorporate them in your pitch and set goals for you and your team, so you are always progressing!

Generative AI creates an outbound sales pitch.
Leverage AI in pitches

Build your first pitch with our AI and receive personalised pitch phrases. Our AI scrapes the prospect’s website for pain points and suggests what to pitch prospects.

Example of an outbound sales pitch.
Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team on creating Pitchboards, share winning phrases and save insights. With team access and notifications, Pitchbound becomes your team’s sales bible.

Sales experts
on demand

Pitchbound  provides you with sales experts to onboard, coach and deliver leads so you can scale your outbound sales without growing the team.


Sales conversations is about having the right information at the right time, matching pain points with value propositions and overcoming objections.

Use Pitchboards to structure your pitch and ensure you always have the right information at the right time!

A call pitchboard in Pitchbound.


Personalised emails are key to driving conversions.

Craft personalised emails with AI, set your templates in sequences and start split-testing sales arguments.

An email pitchboard in Pitchbound.


Personalised LinkedIn messages are key to driving conversions.

Craft LinkedIn messages to match your sequence and have a one-source-of-truth for templates.

A LinkedIn pitchboard in Pitchbound.

Does Pitchbound work for me?

Pitchbound is build for the  sales athletes - sales teams, founders and coaches. Reach out or try Pitchbound now!

Collaboration in outbound sales.

Sales Teams

Sales teams use Pitchbound to onboard faster, collaborate more and win more conversations with prospects. See how you can achieve higher conversion rates.

Calling for outbound sales.

Call Centers & Agencies

As a Call Center or Agency, you onboard frequently and manage multiple sales campaigns. Pitchbound is the platform  enabling you to do it better, faster and with more oversight.

Email for outbound sales.

Professional Services

Professional Service companies target multiple customer profiles with a wide range of offerings. How do you ensure you always have the right information at the right time?

How to get started

Get started with Pitchbound in seconds. Define your ICP, insert your Value Propositions and receive instant Pitchboards!

Insert your Ideal Customer Profile

Tell us who you want to sell to.

Insert your Value Propositions

Tell us what value you deliver.

Receive personalised Pitchboards

Receive your AI generated Pitchboards and start pitching!

Here is what our customers say

Amalie Marstrand

Pitchbound is a great tool for enhancing the effectiveness of our outreach and the quality of our pitches. The interface is user-friendly, and it is effortless to use – we especially use it for generating new sales material and track the quality of our pitches.

Peter Kragh

Pitchbound store and organise pitch data so you can keep track of your work and is super helpful for our outbound sales process. Pitchbound is a necessary add-on to our HubSpot CRM.

Helene Nørgaard
Sales & Partnerships

Pitchbound really helps to get an overview of the sales channels, it has made our work with sales much easier and more efficient.

Karla Pitt

We use Pitchbound for sales outreach across all platforms as it is straightforward to use, helps me in organising my pitches and gives me the control in sales calls that I need. I can save new insights and keep track of everything, ensuring that I have consistency in my sales messages – I can highly recommend it to everyone!

Filip Ciepiel

I can do outreach faster, split-test my pitches and save insights which means that I not only book more meetings, I also gather more insights and understand my product-market fit faster. Pitchbound is a game changer the early stages of the sales process!

Jonas Molbech-Kuskner
Hume Agency

I had 6 unusable pages of different pitches in Google Docs before Pitchbound. Pitchbound is a game changer for outreach – My entire pitch is visible, I always have the perfect argument ready, and I can share learnings with my team. We get more sales meetings and we enjoy doing outreach!

Filip Oskar
Associate Partner
Zillion Consulting Group

Pitchbound is easy and intuitive, helping us to secure appointments with major companies. I can’t imagine going back to Word or Excel. Every sales team needs Pitchbound – and at just 19 EUR? Come on.

Mik Lokdam

Pitchbound enables VAEKST to onboard faster, perform better and be more transparent towards clients! Our sales reps love it.

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Pitchboard overview in Pitchbound.