Our sales athletes execute outbound sales campaigns and assist your team with Pitchbound implementation.

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Scale your sales

Our sales athletes can implement Pitchbound and boost your outbound sales through our Sales-as-Service offering – scaling lead generation and setting your team up for success.

Outsourcing growth

We execute outbound sales campaigns – scaling your lead generation in a cost-effective way with low risk. Our avg. conversion rate from hour to SQL is 14%.

Implementing Pitchbound

We assist with onboarding and implementing Pitchbound over a couple of months to ensure that your team maximises the value of Pitchbound.

E-coaching on demand

We coach your sales team to increase conversion rates, maximise motivation and become experts on Pitchbound.

why sales-as-a-service


Scale lead generation cost-effectively


We have delivered +10.000 leads to more than 70 B2B brands in Europe.


Our avg. conversion rate from hour to SQL when targeting companies with +200 FTEs.


Our team consists of 55 sales athletes who have executed +100 sales campaigns.


The highest return on investment generated in 1 year is 500 million DKK.

sales athletes

Meet our sales athletes

Read the stories of sales reps that became sales athletes with Pitchbound.

Experience the stories
built by sales athletes

Lasting relationships start with great first impressions

We spent more than 100,000 hours on sales outreach and learned the secret to succesful sales.

Personalisation is everything.

In our digital age, creating great first impressions have never been more important or more difficult. That is why we built Pitchbound - to build those great first impressions

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Sales reps

Sales athletes love Pitchbound

"Pitchbound transformed our agency within a couple of months."

Mik lokdam
chief executive officer

"My conversations are more natural using Pitchbound, it's great!"

valdemar gyldendal
business development manager

"I love seeing what phrases my team has success with and the collaboration Pitchbound creates!"

corinne cotteverte

“I don't like using scripts, but I also don't like freestyling - Pitchbound is a great inbetween.”

josefine andersson

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