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Pitch as a team

Pitchbound gives you ICP-personalised pitch dashboards where winning phrases can be rated and shared for instant collaboration.

Pitching Dashboard

With your new pitch dashboards, you will have the right information, at the right time. Every time.

Team Collaboration

Rate the different components of your pitch and share best practices with team members.


Pitch like a pro

See how you can get started with Pitchbound in less than 5 minutes

Easy to use

Quick to get started


Insert  ICP and script

Choose your  ICP and insert your product and sales information. If you don't have it, choose from our suggested content.


Use your pitch dashboards

Select what view you like and start pitching!


Share wins with teammates

Start rating and collaborating on winning phrases and share with fellow teammates.


Quick, efficient onboarding

Enter your segmentation, targeting and positioning profile by completing a fast survey and start pitching like a pro.

Onboard yourself easily

Be in complete control

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built by sales athletes

Lasting relationships start with great first impressions

We spent more than 100,000 hours on sales outreach and learned the secret to succesful sales.

Personalisation is everything.

In our digital age, creating great first impressions has never been more important or more difficult. That is why we built Pitchbound - to build those great first impressions.

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why pitchbound

Sales is broken, but we can fix it

Building a sales team doesn't have to be complex, expensive or risky.

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Of sales reps lack the tools to perform


Sales reps say personalisation is key to sales and that it can double conversion rates

3 months

The average time-to-performance for sales reps is 3 months


Annual churn rate of sales reps

sales athletes

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"I used to have my sales script in Word. I can't even imagine that now"

mik lokdam, founder @vaekst

"It’s intuitive, functional, easy-to-setup and presents content in an interactive and interesting way."

Josefine andersson, Business development manager @vaekst

"Pitchbound is a great solution for companies who want to spend less time on design and more time creating."

Valdemar gyldendal, Business development manager @vaekst

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